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Pink Quartz with impurities under UV light 

f3.5 2X .8s ISO100, 114 mics 35 steps

This was just a rather dull looking pink splotched quartz rock until it was under UV light. Then all this detail popped up. It looks like blood vessels in an eye. Can't stop looking at the color mix and pattern

Glass and Marbles

Dying screw
AmScope objective NA 0.1, 4X, ISO100, 1/13sec, 54um at 46 steps

Took 2nd Place in Allen Walls Photography contest

“William Bodine has done it again and captured my imagination with this fantastic photograph and a lovely title of a dying screw. Clever, way lit, beautifully lit, with a clever contrasting background which fades from green to gold to green again which complements the rough screw and is beautiful . You can’t look at it without thinking of where it’s been and what it has been holding together for the last 100 years. It’s a beautiful photograph, very successful, very well done, well titled.”

Zipper on Black Jacket

Zipper on Black Jacket

Ground control to Major Tom

Space Rock Bismuth f5.0_.75x_.40s_ISO200_1.305mics_8steps


Space Rock Bismuth f5.0_.75x_..25s_ISO200_677mics_26steps


Space Rock Bismuth f5.0_.1x_..50s_ISO200_435mics_42steps

We took the wrong turn at the Bismuth rock

Space Rock f5.6_ ISO100_ 1x_ .5s_ 57mic_ 9 steps

Houston, we have a problem! It's bismuth not green cheese

Space Rock Bizsmuth1 f5.0_.75x_.40s_ISO200_1.305mics_8steps

Red Thumb

f2.8, 1/10 sec. 1x, ISO 200 back lit with snoot

Red finger

f5, 1X, 1/25 sec., ISO 100, 26 steps at 677µ/step