Invertebrates and fish

Sand Dollar or Echinarachinius parma 

5.6 0.25X 200 ISO 1_10 sec 10 steps at 1.37mm Backlit

Ammonite fossil

f5.0, 1/6sec, 200ISO, 1X, 305 mics, 10 steps

Ammonite fossil 

f5, 1/25sec, 100ISO, 1X, 677 microns, 11 steps

Apache Trout or
Oncorhychus apache

This the Arizona state fish

Asian Arowana or
Scleropages formosus

This is an endangerd species

Russian Sturgeon or Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Blind Cave Tetra or
Astyanax jordani

Additional information about this this fish says that the pigmentation and eyes have degenerated over generations due to the high energy cost of maintaining eye tissues which they do not need in the dark cave system. It stated that the vertebrate retina is one of the most energy expensive tissues, with an metabolism's passing that of even the brain. To compensate for the loss of eyes, this fish has evolved a larger jaw, a higher number of taste buds and higher number of teeth in order to be more efficient finding food. 

Fish-eating Anemone or urticina piscivora

red abalone or haliotis rufescens

Lined Seahorse or 

Hippocampus erectus

Walking Batfish or Ogcocephalus Sp.

spotted garden eel or heteroconger hassi

Arapaima or Arapaima gigas