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2022 Veterans Day Parade

Fire Truck Controls

Boys vs Girls Piano Recital

Note the difference between the boys (destroyed music, disgust) and the girls (happy and orderly)

Hikers on north rim of Grand Canyon

Look closely at the back of the trail.

2022 Veterans Day Parade
PB4Y-2  Privateer

2022 Veterans Day Parade

2022 Veterans Day Parade


2022 Veterans Day Parade


The old Shed

Island Park, Idaho

Snow damaged tree house

Island Park, Idaho

Big Boy Toy

Porsche in Carmel, CA

Church Door 

Carmel by the Sea

Redwood National Park
Humboldt County, CA
41.364899968423465, -124.02186715916676

Gnome Monosoupap Mono Type N Rotary

 3 inch mark 33 deck gun from the uss guam (lph-9)

This gun was capable of firing 50 rounds per minute. This ship recovered the Gemini II Space Flight September 18 and astronauts Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon

McDonnell F-4N "Phantom II"